We at Boyne Cleaning and Hygiene Services also provide a curtains and mattresses cleaning service to remove the everyday dirt, dust and smoke that life throws at your curtains and mattresses.Cleaning curtains is a household chore that can be easily overlooked or even avoided because it seems like such a hassle. However, it is necessary to keep your curtains as clean as possible to avoid overexposure to dust and allergens, particularly if anyone in your home suffers from allergies such as asthma. Vacuum curtains regularly,it’s best to use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum while the curtains are still hanging. Avoid any fringes or ties that will be ruined if caught in the vacuum. We clean the curtains and pelmets in your home where they hang which helps them to dry naturally and reduce the possibility of shrinkage.

Mattress Cleaning

We recommend that you vacuum your mattresses regularly and on both sides. Mattresses can mostly suffer from three main types of stains, blood, urine, or simply put, other bodily fluids or products which are commonly used such as deodorants etc. If you notice such stains it’s best to treat them immediately with cold water and a little dish soap, hot water can set these type of stains. We also recommend that you flip your mattress regularly including from top to bottom.We carry out a full steam cleaning service on your mattresses in your home to kill odours, dust mites and help you sleep soundly with no worries about allergy’s being aggravated and bed bugs biting.