“Hot Water or Steam Cleaning Is the Best way To Clean Carpet according to Nearly All Manufacturers”
This is also the only method classified as “Deep Cleaning”; any other process is considered “Light Surface Cleaning” because it does not remove soil deep in the pile of the carpet and also leaves most of the cleaning agent in the carpet which in turn also shows up later as dirty white powder.
Boyne Carpet Cleaning Technicians use a truck mounted system which is parked outside your home or premises and uses a method called steam cleaning which uses a fine mist of hot water to force dirt out of the carpet pile which is immediately vacuumed up by the vacuum slot in front of the sprayer. From a health perspective it is very healthy as the machine is outside and safely deposits the waste water, dirt and humid air into a holding tank for safe disposal later.

Steam Cleaned carpets have the following benefits
visually pleasing
potentially longer-lasting
healthier and allergen free
than poorly maintained carpets

This method is by far the most important step in the quest for long lasting cleaner Carpets.

Since the Steam extraction method uses much more water than other methods shampoo cleaning, proper extraction and air flow are critical to avoid drying issues.


Bclean offer carpet and upholstery cleaning throughout Counties Meath and Louth. We also offer rug, leather, general cleaning, power washing and hard surface cleaning. Our technicians are highly trained and professional.

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