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Our Story So Far

Bclean offer carpet and upholstery cleaning throughout Counties Meath and Louth. We also offer rug, leather, general cleaning, power washing and hard surface cleaning. Our technicians are highly trained and professional. Our service is friendly, fast and very competitively priced! We use a “Deep Steam Extraction System” on your carpets and upholstery which removes 90% of moisture and 100% of the dirt from your carpets and your furniture. It’s safe, clean and ready for use right away.
Boyne Cleaning Services covers the complete spectrum of contract cleaning.
Formed over 28 years ago, cleaning and dyeing carpets however things have moved on.
Apart from carpets and upholstery cleaning which is still very big part of the core business we also provide maintenance and facilities management for apartment complexes.
While also cleaning schools, and supply daily and weekly office cleaning in fact whatever your cleaning needs we’ve got it covered.
When it comes to carpet cleaning, the idea is too deep clean your Carpet. Since steam cleaning uses heated water “Steam Cleaning”, it can take longer for the carpet to dry however as opposed to chemical cleaning which involves the use of a chemical solution to remove dirt from your carpet.
We at Boyne Cleaning say Steam cleaning is the better solution when you want to Deep Clean your Carpet.
Chemical solutions only work in the top layers of carpet.
Steam gets down deep and removes the Dirt and allegories from your Carpet leaving no Chemicals behind.
Boyne Cleaning
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